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Old Nov 4th, 2013, 12:37 AM        Video Rental Stores Still Exist! (Until Today)
I don't know about the rest of you, but around here video rental stores have been long gone for quite a few years now. First it was the little mom & pop stores, then it was Hollywood Video, and then finally Blockbuster all went belly up. So you can imagine my surprise when a friend of mine told me that a Blockbuster Video about an hour away from me was just now closing it's doors for good. I decided to make the drive up there today and take a few pictures of this relic of the past.

The rumors were true. It did indeed exist. A real live video rental store in all it's faded, cracked logo glory.
Let's take a look at the wonders to behold inside.

There it is. I had forgotten that weird smell that all Blockbusters seemed to have. I guess it's the plastic from all of their custom made cases.
Those same cases proved to be really difficult to photograph, as they were incredibly shiny.

And they were indeed selling off everything. You could even buy the shelves.

They had them marked out (since they were for sale) but everything except new releases were 5 day rentals for .99 cents. A pretty great deal if you ask me.

Unfortunately the owner didn't like me taking pictures, so these few were all I managed to get. Why on earth he cared about me snapping a few photos of the last days of this store baffles me.

I did pick up a few things though.

These are backings that they put behind the DVDs so you knew where the movies would normally be if they weren't all rented out.
They are fairly thick cardboard and a little bigger than a DVD case. They serve as pretty nice mini posters.

It was very cool to see a video rental store again. Even if it was only for one day.
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