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I go to Family Video all the time, usually when Netflix pisses me off by dropping something from their library or doesn't have something available on the streaming plan. It used to be that Netflix had more of the fucked-up Japanese stuff I liked than a video store. Now the opposite is true, for some reason.

Also, our Family Video sends out free rental coupons all the time and they have all kinds of convoluted deals I don't entirely understand, so it's not uncommon to get five movies for five nights for $3 somehow. That's what I did with Fright Night and Sadako 3D.

In the last pic, Tales From the Darkside, The Movie...loved that movie. Debbie Harry! I also liked the orignal poster, which looked weirdly like a Gremlin holding a book. The TV show theme song scared the shit out of me as a kid, but I loved the movie once I was brave enough to watch it.
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