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Okay, here's the promised close-ups.

The old MOBIP K-On! figures were really nice--figma released some better quality ones, but since I had already bought two mobips I bought a third one just for quality consistency.

I had to order that Blissey from China...

I've had the Clow Card book since I was ten. And like hell I'm letting go of it.

There's a story behind that random-ass mitten...when I was little I thought the mittens were puppets. So I named them Slushy and Slush-Slush. I lost Slush-Slush.

On a side note, Psychic Academy has got to be one of the worst manga I've ever read. It's like Twilight for anime fans, only less of a following.

I didn't want the Miku nendoroid petit...I wanted Haku. But it was from one of those random figure boxes.
And I don't like Kingdom Hearts as much as I used to, because the fandom is annoying as hell. I just thought the figures were really good quality--Play Arts tends to do a good job with figures. And speaking of Protoman, I'm waiting for Kotobukiya to release their new Megaman.

And you have a Layton toy, Phoenix!? Where did you get that!?

And here's the two gems I WANT for my collection...

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