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Originally Posted by yabuturtle View Post
You'll never get a satisfactory answer unless I agree with you 100%, which isn't gonna happen, so keep fucking dreaming. Yeah move. Get out and go somewhere else if you don't like it. You ever heard of Dry Counties? They still have those. If you don't like what's going on, no ones fucking forcing you to stay there. Didn't we leave England because we didn't agree with their policies as well? What do you care if I use Chris Rock as an example? He's a comedian but he does good points. It could be Bill Gates or Ted Turner saying this for all I care, it doesn't matter who said it. What gave you any idea I get ALL of my political views from him? Where did I say or even imply that? You love twisting things around don't you? Please by all means keep making shit up. It really drastically increases your reputation and credibility.

Again you love to bring shit up that has nothing to do with the matter. Child porn is a little different. Yes if they look at it, not only is it wrong and disgusting but obviously it does encourage the people making the child porn because if no one looked at it, they wouldn't even bother making it and sharing it around. Using the substance is dangerous. I don't need a person with a 2 digit I.Q like yourself to tell me that. I don't think it's right for someone under drugs, whether it's marijuana or meth, to be thrown in jail. If they hurt or steal something or damage property, yes that's different, but you should not be thrown behind bars for months or even years FOR GETTING HIGH OR BEING IN POSSESSION OF DRUGS.

Yeah I heard you about Illegal drugs are far more severe than alcohol. Yeah I'm aware of that. You also didn't read my sentence where I said even the LEGAL drugs are more addictive and dangerous. Don't you think that's a little bit scary that doctors who have been known to pass these pills to people that supposedly help them, but they get addicted and suffer more problems from it? Has that ever occurred to you? No it couldn't. How could you, since it's quite obvious you have the mentality of a 5 year old. Instead of maybe respecting other people's opinions, you just have the immature attitude of saying" Nuh uh! You're wrong and I'm right no matter what, now go away so I can stop whining! WHAAA!" Quit being a whiney fuck. I'm not telling you to totally accept my views. If you don't agree with it, that's fine, I couldn't care less.
You are a selfish prick. Tadao nailed it on the head from your first post.

And yes Colonel, this fuckwit has Coolinator clone written all over him. Yab you should get together with Coolinator's no listening ass and have crazy babies with him in your cabin in the remote parts of Montana.

You are the sort of selfish fuck who has no foresight whatsoever. You come in and express all these grand visions without thinking for even a moment of how your wishes would play out. Then when people try to rationally explain why your are full of shit, you call them babies or stick your fingers in your ears and act the baby yourself (as a hypocrite like you will always do).

Incidentally I called you out because quoting a comedian to lend credence to your view makes you look like the fool that you are. There's your 'so what' for you.

You cry that I don't respect your opinions, buy why should I respect a view that essentially increases the danger I and those i care about would have to face in life? This is the central hub of my issue with you, because you not only don't understand the consequences, you just flat out don't give a shit about how said consequences will effect others.

You want a nation with legal drugs, then why don't YOU move to an uninhabited piece of land, found your own country, and make it? You keep saying I should move if I disagree with your vision, but why shouldn't you be the one who moves? You fail to see you are in the minority on this issue, and I guarantee if you founded a society using your drugs available for everyone policy it it would crumble within less than a decade, which is exactly why you won't be a leader, you'll just be a sniveling bitch.
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