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Excuse me, Vincey-poo, but YOU are the Liar and if I'm not mistaken and those are your pants, they appear to be in flames. Shame on you.
You implied that my lovely wife would not be satisfied until she'd had a bvisit from you. We're you planning on selling her 'avon' during this visit? I THINK NOT, YOU CAD!

You telling me to be civil is like Jeffrey Dahmer telling me to eat less meat.

"Iran hasnt talked about killing us, even though Iran will reform itself. N. Korea is starting to talk shit, but it seems that Japan will start the war with them first. N. Korea tries to develop weapons to sell to terrorists or try to murder Americans, then we go at them and put a lot of Korean soilders in Hell. Simple as that."

Laws. Iran spent years talking about destroying us. I wasn't aware there was a statute of limmitations on threats of annihilation. "Iran WILL reform itself" Okay, thanks, Kreskin. There is a reformist movement in Iran. I wish it well. But do you have a crystal ball? How do you know Saddam won't have a stroke in the next ten minutes and Iraq become a peaceful Utopia without our intervention? You don't. Japan? Again, you must get that newspaper that comes several weeks ahead of the date. "Simple as that" The only thing simple here is you. What's your strategy exactly for 'sending a lot of Koreans to hell' say before they use one of there three nuclear weapons as of this writting to do the same to South Korea or Japan or San Francisco?

"Yes, I am thinner and healthier than I have ever been, are you jealous or something?"

Not jealous. HOT. Nothing gives the fine folk at I-mockery a boner like reading someones post about what great shape they're in. Mention it some more, seriously, I'm more convinced every time you type the words, you Glistening Adonis.

"War is about killing creatures and breaking things. That is one of those extreme oversimplifications I just seem to make. We don't look at the sights during war. We don't do zen meditation during a war. We have weapons and soilders that are created and trained to kill enemy combatants and blow up their equipment and buildings. "

Seen a lot of action, there, Vince? Combat vet, purple heart, that sort of thing? Know what it's like to kill someone, or are you just kind of guessing what it's like? Or are you just some dick who's seen a bunch of action movies and played some great video games, tough guy? What exactly do you know about War that amounts to shit?

What is War about? War is about Failure. Failure to find a way to stop the killing of creatures and breaking of things. War, especially whn the to sides are completely unmatched, is easy. Easy for the commander in chief, anyway. Not so easy for the Men and Women on the battlefield who might wake up to find tht killing creatures and breaking things does some seriously bad shit to you even if you do all the killing and breaking.

And don't give me any bullshit about Hitler, 'cause this ain't that, and that could have been avoided if World War One hadn't been settled so selfishly, and World War One wouldn't have needed to happen if a bunch of puffed up self important sons of bitches who thought war was 'as simple as that' hadn't thought killing almost all of Europes young men might be a fun way to settle some scores. If we worked for peace with half the money and attention we bring to war, maybe we could avoid Killing and Breaking. What do you know about suffering, exactly, Mr. Nuclear Submarine? You were ready to drive roofing nails into the heads of chinese kidnappers but your willing to send how many Koreans to hell?

I don't give a little tin shit if your pro or anti war, but if you think it can't be avoided you better take it seriously becuase war is not parcheesi, Rambo, and if you ask anyone who went to Vietnam you'll find out the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' can't always tell one frpom the other. Anyone who's pro war and doesn't show more concern than you is a rabid animal. I know career soldiers and none of them, none of them talk the line of shit you do. Civil my big red ass, you don't know what the word means. Pol Pot, how fucking dare you? You Know a lot about Cambodia. Come to Lowell, ask some survivors who put Pol Pot in the drivers seat, ask them who bombed the shit out of their country, illegally, and lied about it and destabalized them to the point that a monster like Pol Pot could get where he got, ask them which shinbing light of democracy had offcial relations with the K'mer Rouge. Ask some surviving Jews which country refused Jewish refugees and sent them back to Germany. I think you'll find it's the same country that's about to start making asylum seekers sit in a jail cell while they wait for their paperwork. How long? Who knows? Since they won't have access to lawyers, it's hard to say. Suppose we'd put up some serious objections when Hitler first came to power and cut off trade with germany? Suppose we'd gotten together with other nations and isolated Germany and made it easy for Jews to emigrate? How many might have lived then? I'm not saying I'm not grateful, because I am. I'm not saying I'm not proud of what America did in WWII because I am. But you want to know how much prouder I'd be if we'd done everything we could do short of war ten years before the war? Do you know anything about how Hitler came to power? Or do you just say the magic word "HITLER!" and thereby justify war?

IMAGINE my shock to find that you, like Naldo, know who's going to hell. Tell me, as we take care of them, 'as simple as that', how do you propse to srt the suffering from the torturers? Since military service in North Korea is compulsary? I'm sure your heart bleeds for the literal hell they live in now. How quaint that your idea of a solution is to take those same people and send a large chunk of them to figurative hell.

As simple as that.

What a fucking sheeple.
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