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I think the debit card thing is an interesting way to go. Hopefully it will work. When it comes to social services CA has quite possibly the worst system. Actually, I can't blame the system......I can only blame those who abuse it. It wasn't always that way tho. If it weren't for medical I probably would have died as a child. If my nana hadn't recieved the pittance she did to help raise the 3 of us we probably wouldn't have had a roof over our heads. She never took food stamps though. And she would only take the money and medical offered to her as a foster parent. She refused food stamps and anything else welfare related even though she could have used it. Instead she worked into her 70's to make sure we were comfortable. I never had designer clothes, but I also never went hungry.
My nana was and still is a proud woman. Because of her all 3 of us broke that ugly cycle. None of us are on welfare. Nor do any of us have kids. We may not be doing as financially well as we would like, but we have never taken anything that we didn't need.

I just wish more people had been able to have my nana to raise them.
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