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Preechr, (in regard to your earlier post on this thread):

I agree with you, that very often people like to give up and hand the responsibility to someone else but, I also believe that given the right means (essentials in life/proper education) to work and think, people will generally ask for LESS and do more themselves, rather than to rely on a system that doesn't really do anything for them unless they are really really rich, OR on the absolute brink of poverty.

In the society we live in, people generally care alot about their children's future but, look closely at it right there...leave it to the capitalist and you will see someone, who would rather open another "Toys R' Useless" corporation than to look into a school teacher's salary!
"$60 billion Dollars".......I am sure it is EXACTLY as you stated: "ALL that non-educational money went to the administrations". As usual, NOTHING to the hardest working people in the very same institution, who are just barely above minimum wages!! Look at what the media is writing on how average and stupid our children are turning...The problem does not lie in the fact that the children have become stupid over time, or that the teachers have become rotten but, in the fact that there is no money given to them to GET educated (i.e. Smaller classrooms, more assistants, newer facilities, revision of old school policies, ETC.)

I’ll ask my as yet unanswered question again here:
For all your do-goody “think of the children” sentimentality, how many of you actually contribute to charities that offer assistance to these people whose shoddy lots in life you champion?
There are alot of us "do-goodies"-types all around you Preechr. Our main focus (every fucking day) is to help people who are off in a poor slump. Charities, while good, aren't the key. Better education tends to mend many of these kind of problems, as people learn to help themselves, rather than to rely on others or a "system" to carry them! Even the most hard-core socialist countries ammend to promoting self-help, and they are revising their old systems to enhance that behavior in their citizens.
I'm sure you have heard the old saying "if you want to help a starving man, don't give him the fish, teach him how to fish".

Typical sentimental lefty huh?..always thinking: "how can I do it?" rather than "how do I get it?"
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