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Originally Posted by El Blanco
Stop comparing us to Canada or any other country with a different form of gonerment, smaller population, or different economy.
With that logic, I cannot compare it to anything, in which case no points can be made for or against this. I will say that they have a fairly similar form of government and economy, and that population does not really have anything to do with my point. There is a reason why Canada is often called a copy of the U.S.

Give me an example of that happening in the last 50 years. The government will pay higher prices for inferior service. Its how they work. Again, look at their construction projects.
As this is a purely hypothetical thread, it could be assumed that the government would not act like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off - thus making the point mute. But as I am comparing to Canada, whether you personally think I cannot, I still hold it would be cheaper. I highly doubt that they are any more resourceful than us, or at least anything to support the thought. Most governments are wasteful - it's just on such a large scale that they have to be.

Perhaps that is why I mentioned we could do it with the state or local governments in charge. It is quite possible that they would be less wasteful, and we could test the process in a few small localites to see whether or not our current system is more efficent.

That a private company driven by profits can be predicted. They do their best by making customers happy. We, unfortunately drove healthcare prices up, not them.
That is irrelevant to the thread. It would still be cheaper because of no incentive for profits.

What? Explain that to me?
I don't know what you need me to explain. Suppose everyone magically started getting healthier. More money was being taken in than was needed for healthcare. As such, either taxes are cut so that no extra money is taken in, or the money is put elsewhere - like paying the budget deficit.
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