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Originally Posted by VinceZeb
What got you so worked up, Kevin? The fact that you think you know what is so good and right for blacks is totally made to look ignorant by someone who is, *gasp*, black?
No, what has me worked up is that this condescending twit thinks he knows better than the vast majority of blacks in America.

And I am sorry to hurt your image of Ted, but most hunters are the ultimate conservationists. If there are no animals, what can they hunt? I am sorry that killing Bambi bothers you, but if no one kills deer, they overflood the land with their large population. If you knew anything about nature, you would know that.
What could my "image" possibly be of a person who is admitedly a disgusting womanizer???

Also, your assertion about deer population is in fact a popular falacy, but this thread is about your ignorance and black people. Let's stay on topic, shall we?

And I should answer this in another thread, but frankly I do not want to. I asked max two questions over at newsfilter, he didn't answer any of them even though he "said he did". Now, just becuase someone says they did something, that doesn't mean it happened. I'm sure you are a big boy and can understand that.
I do need to handle anything, it doesn't affect me anyway. All I know is that Max completely demoralized you on two boards, and you ran away with your tail between your legs. Sorry, clambake.

Now, I don't remember giving you time off from your lips around my dick head. So get back to it. And please quit with the thought process that allows you to believe that you are better than me. In any kind of physical meeting, I'd have you bent over a table and reamed until you fell in love and wanted to cuddle. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
translation: I am incapable of making a point/counter-point argument, so I will instead rant on about my homoerotic fantasies.

Boring. Stay at Newsfilter.
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