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I've sometimes wondered if comic books might be inherently inferior to all other mediums. They're a medium of pictures and written words but according to Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain you use your right hemisphere to process visual information and your left hemisphere to process language. Is it possible to give a comic book your undivided attention?

I'm not a huge comic fan but anything by Grant Morrison is most likely worth reading.

I could also recommend some Japanese comic books, or Manga if you're not in the know how. Ichi the Killer by Hideo Yamamoto, way better than the movie in my opinion. Don't know if it has been officially translated. Then there's Battle Angel Alita, which does have an official English edition which has had the images reversed so you don't have to read it right to left. Don't judge Alita by it's first chapter, the way Japanese comic serializations works is the first chapter is like a pilot and so it isn't always a good indicator of the overall quality.
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