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Hello! Earlier last week I received something from the frozen north. My secret santa present from none other but Ronin S. What a package it was.

Oooh a letter let's see.It included a list of everything just in case those dastardly customs officers had looted my package. I'm happy to say everything arrived safely. Including this wonderful limerick, that I hope you won't mind me sharing:

A young teenaged guy named Ted
went out and fought the undead
Looked up and around
And what had he found?
A well blasted zombie head.

I have to say that's quite a start. Let's dig in

lucky, hmm haven't heard of it but it's cappuccino flavored so it has to be good.

Strawberry pocky! It's almost as though you read my mind and knew of my love for japanese snack foods and candy.

Hrm Tropical Pocky, I haven't tried it yet but it looks promising.

Almond crush pocky is my favorite version of pocky! I was really excited when I saw this.

More lucky sticks. with all this luck I may have to play the lottery.

Maple flavored popcorn. Is this what Canada tastes like? if so I may move.

Lookit this little Mountie Teddy Bear. It's cute, and also comes with a short history of the Mounted Police. If toy story is right he's going to commander another toy to ride on and police my room.

Last but not least, an Official Certified Zombie killer sign. According to the letter I am now a certified Zombie killer, watch out Zombies I have a license to kill.

Thank you very much Ronin! Sorry It took so long to upload, finals week and what not. Also not pictured are the fish stickers because my roommate was moderately amused and may have absconded with them.