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Name- Rev. Daniel O'Blivion
where you at?-Phx, Az
why did you start posting-I thought Mockery was funny on the UCB board, & Agent Burdock told me to.
how long have you been on the board-This board a few days, the old board... mid june of 2000?
hobbies-Bicycling, drinking, Bowling, & painting
fav. music/band-Beck
fav. book-An Incompleat education
fav. movie-Night of the Living Dead
Who do you hate the most on this board-I don't know yet...Maybe Error, or jamesman.
what is that smell-Me, I haven't bathed in 6 hours...

What else...I'm on Lithium now, & I'm not as mean, or anthing else as I used to be on the old board.
-D.B. Spitzer
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