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Oh wow that's very kin- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!

Let me start by being brief. You are a dumb fucking push over whore. That is why I have posted said things in this thread. You have personally used this place as your personal shoulder to cry on while at the same time claiming how you have asserted yourself in your life. You bitch and whine about someone throwing you around while doing nothing but throwing out 4 chan shit out of your ass, and at the same time when you're shot down you act as if you're being harassed for absolutely no reason other than "people like being dicks here ^.^" Oh wait, no, wait, I take that back. You expect me to not make light of your heavily reliant flimsy sense of shock humor. You seriously thought that confronting a woman about her cheating on you when you go distant was a good idea. Not because everything sounded alright, but because you were told to. Not only did you completely ignore Zhukov when he literally gave you some solid advice of not jumping to the conclusion but you only continued on to a relationship story of a typical wacko Christian amidst women who are literally miles above what stature you even have. The only thing you do to show you even have a bit of humanity is a vainful, prideful bellow of how love should mean something and it is a huge immensely beautiful prize. Which would show something to you if you weren't such a close minded, vacant whore. And speaking of the word whore, I will gladly give you props for being so assured of yourself when questioning my reason for attacking you went unanswered and unthwarted that you repeated the same exact thing in the loveline thread. I mean, sure, you layed down in front of ItalianStereotype pleading with an olive branch that you're not a bad guy and spread your little cheeks to hope that he'll skin the branch, position the olive and do all the work for you. You know, like how 10k Ghost gave you a very good approach to the entire situation.

What's amusing isn't just the fact that you eventually returned and stated how you got into contact with a throng of the hot ex's and how you're friends with all of them still whether they left you or not, and especially mega-fox. Let's not forget about mega-fox. And mention off to the side that you feel bad about posting their titties on a message forum. And that you have pictures that could ruin her but won't show because you are so friendly, courteous and nice. You know, like when Executionee asked that the pictures be linked from their website to prevent anyone who is allowed to surf websites other than work during say, break or lunchtime, would have to risk opening a page with breast pics since it was never listed as “Check this out.” And how a girl who was a nudist probably had a thing for you. Because she would answer her door. Naked.

Now let's return to the dumb part. How you broil yourself in your smoke stained rented basement about how she could ever return to you, the love of you life, the one who would be your one and only, the one who would make all of the sex worthwhile that you don't want to brag about because you're such a great and nice guy, which is the very same reason she would, and others, have returned to you for. A little past a week that you investigated oh so slyly about another boyfriend. And how she got into a car accident and only made passing nudges without so much as a wink in your face as to how traumatized and scared she is for her life and that she remembers you. Seriously, you must be a really great guy to make that impression upon her. So great to ignore the obvious poking and prodding as to how you're so angry and won't give in. So brilliant to ignore the quip of the peanut gallery how the only thing interesting in the thread were the posted pics. Because you're a great and interesting guy. So great and interesting that the one night stand who resisted leaving and coyly made conversation with you of how she had a 5-some and fucked a whole bunch of coworkers while in a pot-induced sluttery and how it made you miss Katie. And then you went on to how much you missed katie and how SOMETHING could have been your fault. I mean, certainly that strange bitch wouldn't leave for a reason and I'm pretty sure it's because you area really great and nice guy. Let me give you some advice. When a sentence lasts longer than five seconds then you need to give her a twenty, tell her you'll call a cab and open the door for her. She'll be waiting for you to come around again. I'll give you credit though, the nine point chick immediately afterwards means that you're learning.

But I have a question for you though. Out of all the time you have stated how Katie was the love of your life, you not once mentioned how she helped you through that horrible time. You chatted about weed and shady dealers and how she attempted to pull you back into the friendship line with her having a bad day. Then you got into a fight when she declined to come over. I mean, what a beautiful person to disregard that thought that she got called on out for cheating by someone, who left her facebook pictures up for longer than you'd expect her to and disappear at the drop of a hat, but still felt a reason to talk to you. I bet you feel so relieved that she said “Tough shit” after requesting her to say “I don't love you.” It makes it so much easier. Oh, wait, you weren't angry after that. The entire aftermath is summed up with the words “Fucking chickenshit.”

Some people say you can learn a lot about someone's sense of humor. I suppose if yours is a highly misinterpreted mish mash of GWAR, 4chan and Vernon Chatman, but mainly 4chan. Which has formed some weird crass blue collar vibe that has strangely formed into such a thing as “u mad” “ur rite” “trollface” without the least bit of perversion. I mean, take a look at this.

Im gonna be honest, I really only get off on sexual intercourse if I love the girl. Aside from that it's too much damn work. The thought of plowing a chick who cares for me and I care for too is really hot.


but I will be taking a trip to BLOWJOB CENTRAL USA.
I can't really seem to make out the jokes here but it seems that “:damnimapussy” means you regret opening up and “BLOWJOB CENTRAL USA” is an exaggeration for picking up tramp stamps. I keep thinking there's something more but I just can't tell.

i wanna try also, if a chick doesnt get her butthole and forehead involved, it's a lazy blowjob.
It seems you've channeled a disgusting visual that has the awkward clumsiness of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim thrown in. A lazy blowjob you say if it doesn't include those? Or lazy with?

So how long are girls usually in that "dont ever contact me again" mode after you call them a whore? I'm not looking for save the relationship, but im hoping in a few months we can be friends again at least.
It seems here you have chosen to go with an awkward oblivious thought that will certainly turn into a train wreck if said in the wrong company. And I suppose this is a two part running gag or such but it seems you're continuing the :damnimapussy gag. I can't tell mainly because you only usually hint it when you're stoned.

This bitch has got a new boyfriend already. It's cool though, that's how I know she's definitely going to be back in a few months. Most guy would break down and cry at this point, I however am a seasoned veteran in dealing with girls in their early 20's.

Also, this is no longer a matter of getting her back, I'm slowly getting over her and I know in about another month she will mean very minimal to me (I won't say she won't matter at all to me because I still have a small bit of feelings towards every girl I've ever been with) this is now a matter of her contacting me in a few months asking how I've been, maybe getting lunch/smoking a bowl/etc and me telling her that I'm not interested at all.

After this she'll most undoubtedly say something like "fine whatever, some comment about how i shouldnt act like this" and I'll hang up with a smile on my face.

Then this is where the crying and the whining will start and I will PROBABLY fuck her for a day or two then I'll be like "listen... you're a whore" and then she will turn into one of the many faceless drones that are a sea of ex-girlfriends who regret the poor decisions they've made and now constantly want my cock no matter how long it's been.

Either that or perhaps these are all delusions to make myself feel better. So far this is turning out like every relationship I've been in

This is the last post I am going to make regarding this whole situation. If everything I have predicted comes true then I will bump this thread later.
I think this is a :damnimapussy here.

see i dunno if there was another dude when we were going through the break up, because for about 3 weeks we were going back and forth with eachother thinking of ways to make it work.

The guy looks like a dildo, im not worried, I think it's only happening because I insulted the shit out of her, diddled a few whores that she knows AND there are chicks posting slutty flirtatious shit on my facebook. (this was all within the last week and a half)

then again it's a possibility that she was waxing this fag's carrot since we were together, who knows. I can feel myself caring less and less everyday.
Ha! Oh, this one I get. Last week and a half! Ha!


u dont have to make her jealous, i just want a friend
I don't get it.

haha, I just realized that I randomized my password last night because facebook has not only been a distraction but it's the only way I can stop myself from checking the chicks page 10 times a day...

sorry 10k... ill holla at u wen i get bak on.
Social internet. Oh! I get it now. The internet. Did you know Tim and Eric made a gag called the innernette? That was just silly! I'm sure there was more to it than spelling but HA anyways.

someone got stabbed one year over a spot in line when I was waiting in line at bestbuy in 08. Im pretty sure black friday customers are pretty desensitized.

go to elementary school
pull fire alarm
kill self in front of crowd of evacuated students
Oh hey, I remember South Park. And man, kids sure are easily traumatized over shit ain't they?

Wha? What about black friday? More like ****** Friday, am I right?

I don't get it.


I did coke. I don't think it's for me but it looks like it's going to be free if I ever want it. Also, bunch of chick who want my dick. felt good telling them im not interested. felt the vaginas pulsate with rage.

also, ex gf who is gorgeous and wont stop talking about me and my dick said she wants to fly out and stay with me for a month.

i said do it.

shes doing it.

i feel like im out of the love state of mind and it no longer bothers me to think about her back in another relationship.

everything went bitter then excremented.

money spent
I still don't get it. Yeah, I mean you got it set up for an ex gf and you did coke and the love state of mind is gone. And everything went bitter then excremented. Wait, Ha, Bitter than excremented? I actually like that. I mean, not a lot of people can do that kind of word play and well. Well I don't know why but I just don't find it funny anymore.

...dude I invited you to come to the private/afterhours skyrim party at a bar post-midnight release, and you declined so you could do coke????
no, I worked all day on no sleep and I was mid whore-coke-misery when you texted me. That sounded awesome as shit and I would have loved to come but I was too scared to drive because I didn't know what I would be like.

not to mention the next day I felt like shit. Anything that makes you feel like trash the next day I don't like to mess with. Mainly because I work/workout/run in the mornings and I don't like anything that keeps me in bed (gf's included).
Where are you going with this? I get the whole work all day exhausted as hell and mid day coke whore thing. Then you're all “I feel like shit”. I don't get it.



You like weed?

Also, on a this-thread related note...

There is the nicest, sweetest girl who works at the place that I do, and we flirt and talk alot, it's obvious that she likes me.

I've decided not to pursue though. She's a sweet heart and everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to ask her out. I'm not going too. I know i'm not over my ex right now and I feel like I would just hurt her. I know that people say that hurting others will make you feel good about yourself but I'd rather not.

I feel better about making this decision rather than crushing some poor young girls spirit :/

I kind of want to smoke with her and just hang out, that might be a bad idea though.



You're all over the place man. I'm starting wonder if you even have a train of thought.

that picture makes me sad

this whole week is booked with poon that i could give a shit less about. I dont even know why im doing it.
Wow, this is starting to feel really depressing.

Yes, that is the girl that I'm bent out of shape about. Some days are easier than others. Despite everything she's done to hurt me, I still love her more than any girl I've ever been with.

Even though I was really hurt by what happened, she did alot of things for me while I was in a time of need, and I will always appreciate that. I have alot of great memories that overshadow any moments I've shared with anyone else, and I've accepted that it's over.

One day I'll be able to look back on those times and smile, but for now they're something that I try not to think about.

I try to think about the future. Getting in the best shape of my life, getting back into school, making more and more progress playing guitar. But honestly what keeps flooding my mind is things I SHOULDVE done. Maybe I should have just accepted the break instead of getting upset. Maybe a little time is what we needed. Instead I got pissed off, told her to get fucked, called her a whore, etc etc. And I did all of this to a girl that I have never been angry at or fought with. to a girl whose shit I never EVER went through. to a girl I never questioned about ANYTHING. This was the only chick I ever thought about marrying and having kids with. All of the partying and traveling that I wanted to do as a bachelor seemed so stupid and irrelevant at the thought of being a father and husband to a girl who was so perfect and amazing in every way to me. Which is why I couldn't understand why what happened, happened.

Maybe I was a dickhead who pushed her away. Maybe she really was just a whore. I think I'll never know, so instead of wondering about it, I'm just trying to forget it. It's working, but slowly.

If I had the chance to see her, hang out with her or talk to her again, I don't think I could do it. I would probably ignore her and hope she went away.

And no, me and elx haven't hung out yet.
Haha. Boo hoo hoo!

Oh and me and elx didn't hang out. ;D

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