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Do you object?

What I said was that if anything changed even slightly everything we know would not be able to exist at all.
First off, you don't know that that's true, and neither do I. What if something completely useless and unnecessary changed. Secondly, to say something like, "If some essential factor of the entire universe changed then the entire universe would change" doesn't really prove anything or even say anything other than things would be different if they were different.
is it even possible that those things could ever change?

If so, nothing would exist.
Nothing? Or something else?

Are you just arguing with yourself?
Are you arguing with yourself by projecting your faults onto me or something i dont get it i thought we should be asking you if you're arguing with yourself.

For Physics to have evolved
Physics evolved?

that means it was subject to a process of trial and error, where an imperfect form of Physics was Darwinially outpaced by a more superior form until eventually our current model reigned supreme over all other lesser forms of Physics.
Or, things could have just suddenly changed. Maybe what happened wasn't evolution, but growth.

There is no other Physics available. From the get go this is what existed. What are the chances of that happening randomly on the first go around?
The point of me bringing up forms was to bring up that it might not be random and there might only be certain types of ways things can work -- and those constants may not be the result of God. Or, if "God" is taken as a variable, maybe those constants are God.

Aren't there books about how evolution isn't "random" but tempered by the environment or something im not sure exactly!
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