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lol ok ignore that what but seriously do you not see how what you're saying doesn't prove or even illustrate that atheists can't be moral, not even in theory? For one, like I said, atheists can understand physics, which kind of fucks over your entire analogy. Secondly, you haven't shown how they are really in any different of a situation in life. How do religiously moral people differ significantly from atheisticaly moral people, especially as far as recognizing "net values" and causation?

the only thing you got going for you is this whole gods plan thing which obviously only religious people can get in on it's a secret. GOD AND RELIGION ARE SYNONYMOUS! That's the only way your argument works. but my analogy kind of dicks that and so does almost everything else I said because religion doesn't put religious people in any better of a moral position than atheists, at least as far as the "net result" of moral learning and acting goes.

and you haven't even really told us anything other than the best morality is the one that's best. That doesn't tell us which one out of all the religious and atheistic moralities is the actual best. Nor does it actually tell us any qualities of it, other than it being the best. All you've really done is say that there is a best morality which is the best and apparently for some reason atheists can never know it or follow it on the basis of being atheist. NOT EVEN BY ACCIDENT! God forbids it with his pattern!
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