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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
Accused "terrorists" are already incarcerated indefinitely and subject to torture without their guilt being proven, and while many people around the world are outraged, it's still going on because not enough people in the US care about the rights of people that their government tells them are evil.
Define "many". By any measure there are many in the States who feel the same way, but there are more groups of dissaffected, misinformed or mindless lemmings that will remain silent and let the goverment do what it wants. You probably have this problem in Australia too.

I do believe Osama was a terrorist, and certainly a criminal, but executing him on the spot prevents the other side of the 9/11 story (and other stuff) from being known, and it allows your government to pick and choose who it dishes out rights too.
As others have pointed out, Wikileaks will probably have the video of the takedown posted on YouTube within a few months anyway, so what's the diff? Even so, this still will only be one version of the truth i.e. one viewpoint of the operation.

I thought Americans were meant to be wary of 'big government'? Why do so many people stand idly by while the government gives itself more and more ways to control them?
See comment #1 above.

Damn. This discussion reminds me of something .... (F-)
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