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Old Aug 13th, 2009, 08:44 PM        shaking fucking movies causing motion sickness!
Anyone else hate these? or am i the only pussy here?
I understand trying to make a movie seem like a home video, but for fucks sake I dont need the camera attached to a paint shaker the entire damn movie.
I think its bullshit there are now movies I cant physically watch anymore.

Here are some of the movies i can think of.

Blair witch - first i can remember. I watched it on a small screen and dont remember getting sick, but i have a feeling i would now if i saw it on a big screen.

Cloverfield - I had bbq when i went to see it and felt like shit by the time it was over, i did make it though.

Rachel getting married - My friend bet I couldnt make it through this movie(just because it is so terrible) I tried but within 20 minutes i was too motion sick to continue. We both lost the bet.

The Hurt Locker - My friend went to see it and couldn't finish the thing. he said it was good, but it made him too sick. He got his money back.

Add to the list!
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