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Okay, if I posted this on Facebook I would be totally pilloried, but I never liked Whitney Houston, not once even for an instant, and I think she was just one more dim a dozen diva, orver emoting songs until any dignity they might once have had was squeezed out into puddles of liquid sugar staining the carpet under her feet.

Of course I think it's sad she self destructed, it's sad when anyone self destructs, but my my daughter and I are watching the grammies right now, and it's like they are covering the fucking Kennedy assassination.

When Amy Winehouse kicked it, I actually felt something because I looked forward to music she would have made. Did anybody need to hear yet another Whitney balled that was not only exactly like all her other ballads, but just the damn same as a Celine balled or a Mariah ballad or any of the other post Streisand bellowers who'll come down the pipe doing the same dan thing in the next half dozen years?

Jesus! have some friggin' perspective!
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