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In what way are they out of ideas? You say that one post then complain that Gus is dead in the next. The show would be awful if he was still alive. And how can you complain that you can predict 10 (Oh gee, only 10?) possible ways the show can play out in its final season? You wouldn't get the last 20 minutes of a film and say "it's so obvious either X will happen, and if not it's one of these 9 other things "

I thought the train heist episode was awful, and because there are only a certain amount of episodes left with limited time to set up new storylines the pacing has been way too fast, but the last three episodes of this run were just as good as it's always been. Anyone who thinks it's any worse now than it was before for writing reasons is forgetting that the show has always been pretty ridiculous at times, like the terminator cousins from season 3 as one example.
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