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Originally Posted by Protoclown View Post
They killed off Nightcrawler? Those fuckers! I didn't even know. So you can see how closely I've been paying attention. And there was ONE good thing to have come out of Marvel in the 90: Age of Apocalypse. That was pretty much it.

Oh, and Dextire, I don't know what's up with Red Hulk. I stopped reading Hulk after World War Hulk so I don't know what's up with all those rainbow Hulks anyway.
Yeah, they did that in the Messiah Mutant crossover crap a year or two ago. You know how it is when you need to kill someone off to prove how badass a villain is? Yeaaaah. Funny you should mention Age of Apocalypse though. They have the AoA Nightcrawler running around 616 being all dark and edgy now.

Anyone heard from the other SS guys?