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Name- Dan
Age- <20
job- History
where are you at?- Ohio
how did you find out about this site?- I don't remember, back in 2005-6; I used to have an account here named xbxmcj when I was a teenager.
what's your favorite thing about the site?- I don't remember, guitar woman?
why did you start posting- I need to relive my glory years online when I thought people thought I was an internet stud.
Level of Educ.- High School or Better
fav. music/band- The Residents; seein them in Chicago this February if anyone is going to happen to be there.
fav. book- Books are okay.
fav. movie- I don't know, I've watched some films I like.
Fav. Video Game- Slow videogames, mostly.
fav. food- Thai
In high school you were voted most likely to...- Not be a child molestor like my class president wound up being
Is there anything else we should all know about you? I left the site when Terra asked me if I was seeing anyone. I was young and online and didn't know what to do so I left forever. I think I pretended to be older than I actually was. I remember some of the posters by name, but only really Chojin. Is he alive still? Whatever.
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