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Blade Trinity isn't unintentionally hilarious, it's just a hilarious and terrific movie in my opinion, Ryan Reynold's Hannibal is just about perfect, and the whole support team/Midnight Sons was handled very well. The only real problem with the movie in my opinion, lays with the scenes directly after the slaughter of the team, where some bad acting from Wesley Snipes worsens some of the film's only truly bad lines ("Use it! Use the death of that blind chick to kill vampires betterer!") It didn't have a dramatic shift in tone or focus from the previous sequels like Indiana Jones And The Crystal-Clear Son Subplot,it just wasn't a bad movie.

Beyond that little tirade, I agree with most of what Boogie has to say, but he missed a hugely annoying example of this, Napoleon Dynamite, the single worst movie I've ever seen, far worse then the previous title holder, Last Samurai. The entire point and punchline of the movie is that the lead character is mildly retarded, or at very least, severely autistic, but to this day, this fanatical worship continues for this unadmonished crap. My brother's wife's vote for McCain wasn't counted because she wrote "Pedro" in the write-in slot, and that very well may be the only good that movie has ever and will ever contribute to the world.
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