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I gotta respectfully disagree with what Graystreet just said.

Actually, I think "Blade Trinity" was horrible. To me, it just seemed like a rehash of the other two Blade films, combined with various vampire clichés, and saturated with that whole "trying too hard to be cool" aura that was painful to watch.

Also, I think "Napoleon Dynamite" was awesome. I don't think the main character was supposed to be retarded or autistic, at all. He was just a nerdy oddball.

All the characters are basically exaggerated versions of people one meets in real life, and it's the blend of real and unreal, combined with the slow, quiet tone (which is conducive to cracking up with random laughter), and goofy moments (like his douchebag uncle trying to film himself throwing a football, and the "time machine" scene)that make me enjoy that movie so much.

On the other hand, I totally agree about "Last Samurai", and I'd like to add "Live Free Or Die Hard" to the crap-list. That whole movie was two hours of "Young people are evil, and we gotta stop them from using their magic computers to take over the world!", ugh.
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