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Originally Posted by executioneer View Post
you are going to have a lot of trouble getting people to relate to what you are saying if you say shit like this
Removing those two lines from the rest of the context around them does not immediately nullify everything else in the rest of the post, especially since I preceeded them with how I like stupid humor "to an extent." I'm not claiming the stuff is Oscar worthy and should be the basis for all movies yet to come. No, I think it's funny because he kicks the American Idol judges panel into the Pit of Death because I *hate* American Idol. It's not a moment where I need to "switch off" to enjoy it because I'm thinking the exact same thing. It's short and to the point. The joke is done, they move on to the next one. It's not carried on for half-an-hour and then come back to later in the movie, nor is it the basis of the whole movie and yet there's stuff out there were one running gag is all that seems to carry what passes for a plot.

And, to Dr. Boogie: Well said about Indy and the suspension of disbelief. I think it was you or Proto that said it: In that one scene, the Indy as Everyman was shattered. If he could survive that, then anything they threw at him later would be a cakewalk. Granted some of the earlier stuff required suspension of disbelief, too, but, as you pointed out, there was still some part of it that made sense. There has to be some small amount of believability for the illusion to seem real, otherwise you fail in your attempt at fooling the viewer.

And I still refuse to watch Transformers, awesome giant robots aside. There's just certain things that don't set well with me which will make the movie ultimately not enjoyable.
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