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The only reason crap like this is even created is because it's cheap and has a high profit to cost ratio.

Example 1: The Hills (uhhh) a bunch of actors pretending to be reality stars getting paid probably 30k each to "star" in this terrable show for an inch of MTV the ratings they get off this drab will draw investors (commercials) durring the god-awful show and don't forget the terrable after-show. like they are coparing it to an important sporting event ( i have reservations on the 2 hr pre-game and 5 hr post-game show there but thats another story for another time)

Example 2: any "guy film" these are characterized my slapstick humor, people getting hurt and it being "funny" or scantaly dressed woman who go out with the most unlikely men. they cost a studio like 9 Million (9.1 if a girl shows her boobs) to make this kind of movie and the profit off them is like 30 million...quick money.

People don't turn your brain off, By doing so you are teling the entertainment industry you like this trash...
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