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You couldn't be more right about the dangers of turning off one's brain, but you couldn't have picked a worse example of something that asks you to do that.

The OC is a surprisingly well-written, geek-friendly, clever and funny television show that spends as much time satirizing the conventions of nighttime soap operas as it did exploiting them.

It embraced meta-comedy and self-referentialism to a degree unseen outside of animation, and apart from an incredibly dire 3rd season that no one should ever watch for any reason, it was a bright spot on television for its run.

Mentioning it in the same breath (or article, I suppose) as Dane Cook or the Transformers is an insult to everyone who worked long hours to create such an interesting and entertaining show.

I'm sure if you watched it from the beginning you'd find that it really was something special.

Just mute the television whenever Mischa Barton is onscreen, and you should be able to get through it with no problem.
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