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Originally Posted by dirtyxblondexdame View Post
oh i'm the girl that puts out. believe me. i think that's the problem is that i put out too soon.
There's nothing wrong at all with "putting out". You're independent, single, probably decent looking, who says it's not ok? Just don't think every guy you sleep with is gonna love you, most of them are not and will make you feel like crap. USE them! Use them for their dick and move along. Don't be unsafe, but have fun. Don't be ashamed to have fun. Don't go around ANNOUNCING it, be discreet, but do what you feel is right. It sounds like you're a very active lady, you like to have a good time with good ol boys, and that's that. What's wrong with THAT?

By the way, what're you doing later tonight....? =)

Just kidding, but seriously, don't let what others think affect your personal pleasures. They're YOURS, not theirs. Just don't get attached to the dude, he just wants to get laid as much as you. You'' recognize the right guy when you run across him.

Hope this helps!
oh jes, he's sayin' what you think he's sayin'......
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