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My last gig by sammy cook
It was fabbo. It was at a little club in central London, on a sunday afternoon (still had to get up at 9 in the fucking morning on a sunday to do it). Hired a humoungous minibus to take the band (seven of us), all our gear and a few mates. Listened and sang along to Prince all the way from Brighton to London, oh yeah
Had to negotiate central London traffic to one of the busiest parts of London (covent garden), and had to carry all our gear through the milling london tourists cos the closest we could get was a few minutes away. The club was a basement amidst all these posh boutiques, it looked like a sixties jazz club or summat, twas cool. Got there nice and early so had a decent soundcheck which is always a plus.
Lots of acts playing that day, about five before us, but all acoustic - was thinking oh shit, we are going to be 1000 times louder than anyone else, slightly worrying as the area in front of the stage was seated and people were just calmly drinking and eating lunch..ANYWAY, went on and played a blinder if I do say so myself, tons of people watching, lots of people dancing, gotn a great reception, encores etc. Lots of our family members there, some parents, sisters, aunts etc...all loved it. My sis booked us to play her birthday party at some posh lnodon venue cos she liked us so much. Got very drunk very quickly after we played, and was amazed to find it was still only 7 pm. Got paid a lot more than we thought we would (ie we got paid), bundled back in the minibus, listened and sang along to the beach boys all the way home, whilst munching crisps.
Not very craaaazy rock and roll, but a LOT of fun
I don't get it. I mean, why did they fuck with the formula? Where are the car songs? There's only one song about surfing and it's a downer!
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