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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
oh fuck off. You're basically arguing that NOBODY should ever get a trial.

Did the petrol station attendant get a trial when he was held up at gun point?

etc etc

You can argue whether it is justice to kill him or not after you prove his guilt. If he was killed in the heat of battle then fair enough.
Can you imagine the shitstorm of biblical proportions that would amount had they brought him to trial? Do you honestly believe that the US would allow him even the slightest possibility of going free? You can't possibly be that naive, the only course of action in this situation was for him to die. Like it or not, it was the only way for this to go down. An entire country (and arguably an entire world) had their lives directly and indirectly altered by his actions. To sit here and post about the US needed to prove his guilt in a court of law tells me that you don't realize the scope of his actions.

And on a personal note, those that believe that he didn't deserve to go out like this are really just giant pussies that simply don't realize how fucked up the world and the people in it really are.
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