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& seeing that the only other things I'm waiting for are hair dye or candy canes, I figured this had to be my Secret Santa package! YAY
(either that, or the amount I paid for shipping for the hair dye actually WAS a bargain....)

Someone down there likes me, as I got Rog as my Secret Santa XD
(& I'm not talking about in hell - I'm in Canada, so most of you people live south of me)

I didn't even wait 10 minutes before tearing into this, like a fat kid with a box of turtles. & by fat kid, I mean me. & by box of turtles, I mean box of turtles.

I either got an unpublished novel, or some crazy person's manifesto. Maybe both. But the sweet words are for MY EYES ONLY!

... after reading the letter, I have learned that if I don't comply & show myself using everything in the box, my bank account information will be released to the world (meh), & I will have my forum name changed to 'Paris Hilton's #1 Fan'

After all, what's Christmas without any threats of humiliation?
So, let's get this party started!!!

Domo seems to know how to party (he IS a superior lover after all, according to his button)
I'll be putting these lights up later tonight when my fiance gets home from work. & in a year & a half when we leave this apartment & are living in our awesome campervan, they'll be coming with us
(I'm actually being serious here, they are going to look AWESOME in our van! I'd put them up in there now, but I'm worried about the cold making them brittle. But just look at how awesomely retro this van is! Domo is going to turn it into such a happenin' place!)

Here's an overview of what I have to work with:

A sweet reusable bag with lions on one side & HOLY SHIT DINOSAURS on the other (I actually didn't realize there were dinosaurs on the other side - I'm used to reusable bags having the same picture on both sides :P)
Multi-coloured slime
Domo party lights
& a Mars Attack figure with a computer game

Awesome I Mockery merchandise! Postcards, t-shirt, pixel poster, shiny stickers, & a 'Tickle My Pickle' button (that, because I'm female, I'm reading something disturbing into ;D)

Edibles! Hallowe'en Kit Kat, candy buttons, laffy taffy, eggnog tea, a hatching dinosaur egg, & wacky packages stickers & gum

I'm going to have a fun time trying to play that Mars Attack game - my laptop doesn't even have a freaking CD drive, I have no idea where I'm going to find a floppy drive :P
(& DAT SYSTEM REQUIREMENT! OMG! {Windows 3.1 & 2 megs of ram})

I'll be using that reusable bag everytime I do groceries. Each time, it'll save me 3 cents because of the store I go to. It's the gift that keeps on giving! :D

My fiance grabbed up the 'tickle my pickle' button, because he had a great idea for it.... well, great according to him...

(I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. ENJOY THE VISUALS!!!!)

I also let him have one of the shiny stickers for his shiny Yu-Gi-Oh binder, & I stuck the other one on PhishPoop (my laptop)

Next, I had to get into the foodstuffs. Despite the warning on the side of the package AND the fact that Rog mentioned not swallowing the egg, I figured that meant I should swallow it.
Down the hatch

My new shirt seems to be very appropriate for this situation

It got stuck in my throat, so I guess I'll have to wait a few days until it dissolves. I'll take some more pictures once it hatches & tears it's way out of my throat.

Since I needed something to wash that egg down, I HAD to try this tea (& not just because I was threatened with total humiliation if I didn't).
I have this thing about eggnog flavoured stuff. I'm one of the few people who remembers eggnog flavoured candy canes. You remember me mentioning waiting for candy canes in the mail? Yeah, I spent $16 to buy some stupid gourmet eggnog flavoured candy canes recently. But we're not talking about that, we're talking about this tea

It's delicious! It actually tastes like eggnog & tea (which go together much better than I would have thought). I had high expectations from Bigelow, & once again they didn't let me down :D

I also opened the stickers, but they weren't very tasty

The gum wasn't bad though, but what's with wrapping it in plastic??? It didn't have that wonderful cardboard flavour that I remember from my childhood.

So, expect some more pictures from me once I manage to incubate the dinosaur in my throat long enough for it to hatch. Like most women, I'm willing to sacrifice my body for the good of our species (although unlike most women, I think our species sucks & would love to see it get torn to shreds by dinosaurs)

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