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Old Oct 1st, 2004, 01:31 PM        House Ethics Committee Admonishes Speaker DeLay
DeLay admonished by House ethics panel
Members say he acted improperly in Medicare vote
Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was publicly admonished Thursday by the House ethics committee for improper behavior during a vote late last year on Medicare reform legislation.

Keep in mind that
A.) There's a republican majority in the house, so

B.) The Ethics committee is chaired by a Republican

And they still felt they had to publicly adminish him, which means there was concrete available proof of misconduct.

Also keep in mind that the improper behavior and inlfuence he's accused of wielding, while not mentioned as such in the report, is Bribery. Tom Delay is the Speaker of the House, one of the most powerful men in the republican party, and he's such a sleazeball his own party had no choice but to publicly take him to task.
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