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Originally Posted by bertleman
I thought those Marvel MAX titles were bad enough. It is a sad thing when the only way to appease the increasingly older jaded and creepier comics buying audience is to pump up the gross out factor. when this generation of comics fans dies out, there will not another one.
I disagree. I think the Marvel/DC superhero comics might not last past this generation, but indie-comics and Manga will live on. That won't make much of a difference to me because that's mainly what I read, anyway.

Still, it's sad to see any genre die out, especially since there are a few very good Superhero stories hidden under all the creepy gross out crap. I do enjoy DC's Superman/Batman title which thankfully doesn't have any sick nonsense, for example.

I do agree it's gross-out stuff that's killing it. It's like they learned nothing from image's incredible failure.
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