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Originally Posted by MLE View Post
I think you have some definite potential, but you need to push yourself out of static poses! I would honestly recommend drawing from reference more often rather than from imagination (for practice, not necessarily to show), to expand your "vocabulary" of things you've seen and understand artistically. I like your clothing design sense, and I think you should try out color sometime, too!

Please update this later on ;o
I totally agree with you...I've been beginning to feel "creatively nerfed" because I don't color, and haven't teamed up with anyone to color since like, 2001. The poses, yeah...a bit on the static side, but I've actually been using more reference these past few years...I've been putting more steps into my drawing process. wasn't until last year that I started using blue no-scan pencils...

Thanks for the feedback though...instant AND awesome.
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