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Ill explain it in my own opinion the best I can.

As we get further and further away from a point in time, a place in time, etc., we tend to have our reality distorted. Look at Easter, Christmas, Memorial Day, etc. Also, words have lost meaning in our world. If you go by what was said in newspapers, ancient scripts and other such items, Beowulf was a real event. It was altered of course to make a better story, but there is a good analysis that it really was somewhat true. The word for Dinosaur is taken from a looser version of the word "Dragon".

I believe people truly saw the miracles back then. But as with everything, once time creeps on, people forget or try to rationalize it with something they believe is "concrete", like science. I mean, let's face it, if God showed up today and said that our comprehenion of reality based on our "science" was incorrect, then it would have to be incorrect because well... he is God. The religious types of our day are becoming more P.C. in trying to accomidate more people into the faith by saying that we shouldn't take the Bible at face value and there were fables and blah blah blah. People are even trying to change the way Jesus talked in the Bible, which if these people ever read the Bible, they would see that the last paragraph in the Bible is like the ultimate copyright law.

And miracles have happend before in modern history, we just try to talk them off like it can be explained with science, like the people who recieved a vision of the Virgin Mary back in the mid 20th century.

This subject takes a lot more time and effor that I can put into it right now, but I hope you can look through my ramblings and see where I am trying to go with it. Unless a need for God arises to intervene in human affairs, He usually steps away and lets us do the work. And besides, the Bible spans a time of thousands of years. So that doesn't mean that miracles happened every day; they just happened when they were necessary.
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