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Vinth, you gave me the giggles.

If you go by what was said in newspapers, ancient scripts and other such items, Beowulf was a real event.
Vinth, you seem to enjoy writing stories about your life, so what makes you think that people X number of thousand years ago didn't like writing stories?

If you go by what was said in ancient scripts and other such items, you would end up thinking that you really would fall off the edge of the Earth if you sailed too far. Is falling off the world a real event?

The word for Dinosaur is taken from a looser version of the word "Dragon".
Um, it's actually derived from Greek and Latin for "terrible lizard", not "dragon." I suppose, though, that you could interpret "terrible lizard" as a euphemism for "dragon," but the basis is unlikely since the term "dinosaur" has only been around for a little over 100 years.

And, are you actually suggesting that humans and dinosaurs lived together?

I mean, let's face it, if God showed up today and said that our comprehenion of reality based on our "science" was incorrect, then it would have to be incorrect because well... he is God.
If "God" showed up, there would be no way to prove that he was God and not an alien from a really advanced civlization. You just can't do it.

Unless a need for God arises to intervene in human affairs, He usually steps away and lets us do the work.
What a convenient explanation for why God never shows up anymore. "God is telling us that we can handle it! Yay!"
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