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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 06:16 PM        The whole NDAA fiasco
Why aren't we talking about this? Nobody is talking about this, and they really should be.

Basics. So far, we've got:
-The National Defense Authorization Act itself, a bill that essentially negates due process by allowing the military to detain suspected terrorists without a trial; it used to extend this to American citizens, but was changed after Obama threatened to veto it (although for a completely arbitrary reason that had nothing to do with the part where this shit negated the 5th Amendment). Before that, though, it was approved by the Senate at the beginning of December, with a huge fuck-off majority of 97-3; Congress passed it, too, with similar numbers.
Here's the whole Senate session, if anyone's interested:

-The conditions needed to qualify as a suspected terrorist aren't set in stone, and the examples cited are incredibly vague and more than a little retarded; a few good ones are "stockpiling food, ammunition, hand tools, and medical supplies," enjoying the second amendment with "NRA or gun club membership" or owning more than two guns, and "declaration of Constitutional rights and civil liberties (lol, seriously?)." Basically, anybody anywhere could potentially meet these qualifications, from the Occupy idiots to people who like stocking up on canned meat, then shooting it. You can probably see how this has a bit of abuse potential.

-One hell of a media blackout. When I first heard of this thing, I thought it was a hoax because it sounded ridiculous and none of the mainstream news organizations had any stories about it; it's almost like someone was trying to keep this a secret from the public! Jon Stewart was the only TV personality with big enough balls to actually fucking tell people about it. This is the fucking purpose of the fucking news, you fucking idiots: so politicians can't pull sinister bullshit behind our backs without anyone calling foul on it. This is a god damn disgrace and you might as well burn your press badges and fedoras and throw your typewriters out the window. Yes, I mad.

So, now, at least, we don't have to worry about getting hauled off to the Ministry of Love if we're actual citizens, but resident aliens and the like are fuct, since Obama's not gonna veto it anymore.

So, just to reiterate, it's now a proven fact that both political parties in all three branches of the Government hate you, are more than willing to wipe their asses with the Bill of Rights by denying due process and freedom of the press, and would be beyond enthusiastic about the prospect of carting you off to Guantanamo and putting Steely Dan to your bum cavity.

And since it's a reasonable assumption that this piece of crap was cooked up with the Occupy protests in mind, the logical conclusion is that they value their fat stacks of Corporate sponsor money more than the living, breathing people of the 'States. I mean, everyone knows that already, but I'm glad they're finally admitting it.

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