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I made an appointment with a counselor today; my first visit will be next Thursday.
I've had a problem with depression for years, but I guess my relationship was the only thing that was keeping me from noticing it, or I don't really know.
The breakup is pretty bad for me, but then my best friend immediately started hitting on my ex and tried to lie to me about it, and since most all of my friends are either across the city or out of state, I've been pretty much alone for the past month, my Meniere's has gotten to a point where I couldn't keep my new job as a night stocker, and I reached a low where I realized I either needed to get help, or the thoughts of wanting to hurt myself or worse would just keep getting worse.
I know I'm pretty much the annoying kid here on the forums, but I'm having a really hard time with all of this, and I was hoping some of you guys ad advice or something to help me out.
Thanks guys.
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