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i hate 2012 every spiritual asshole is all into that and everybody has different explanations for what will happen. From LIZARDS RetuRNING To ENSLAVE MANKIND ACCORDING TO WORDS WRITTEN ON A ROCK IN gEORgIA; to magnetic north changing positions (which happens periodically and is supposedly often accompanied by a cataclysmic event, such as certain islands being affected..), and the mayan calandar was supposedly impecable for having important dates on their calandar whenever these magnetic shifts occured.
ALSO CALifoRNIAs goin under the ocean

seems like more millenarist crap and after 2012 passes people will find some other end of the world/life changing phenomenon to latch onto so that their lives will have some type of meaning and there is hope for the future.

also my birthday is today and I was born 8/4/84 AT AN AUSPICIOUS HOUR
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