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Originally Posted by Esuohlim View Post
I feel very dirty for having this opinion on global warming but I find it very strange that something this seemingly obvious is being completely overlooked. If you look at sun cycle records they almost completely match average global temp records for the last few centuries. 60-some-odd years ago the world was worried about global cooling, and the sun cycle was abnormally mellow. Correlation doesn't equal causation, but come on.
I can't tell if you are joking or not.
This correlation between our planet's heat and the sun's output ceases around the 70s. Climatologists aren't retarded, they have considered this, and if you look at the planetary heat in a shorter time-span than centuries, and reduce it down to only the past 100 years, you will see a distinct separation of the two heat scales with the planets ramping noticably higher than the suns.
Yes the sun's output has been higher in the past 25 years, reaching outrageous levels in the late 90s early 2000s, however it has stabilized while the planet continues to get hotter. In the next decade the suns heat is predicted to go down dramatically to points where some alarmist have started to spread rumors of a 'mini-ice age', but the heat of the planet is not projected to cool to that level despite the cool sun. And we haven't even seen how hot it could get once El-nino starts up again.
Yes the effect of co2 and methane on our temperature is miniscule compared to the effect of the sun, of course, but its similar to turning on a heater in your house just a tiny bit when there is already a fire going: that ten extra degrees will be too much for you.

On the note of the public, and political perspective of this matter, I am very irritated with people who are suddenly "believing" in global warming lately just because they are having to run the air conditioner on higher than usual in the past couple of years. Its not something you can tell with just a thermometer, you need the proper data that does indeed say we are hotter than we should be.
Global warming isn't exactly a 100% real thing yet. We aren't as sure about it as we are evolution, or gravity, or any of the other things that are allowed to be taught in schools as fact.
Nobody should be saying that global warming is definitely real, but rather just be taken seriously as definite threat and combat if it happens to be so. What we have so far does not mean that we are definitely the cause of the heat, it only appears to be that way. We should definitely treat it as though it is a real thing though, just in case.
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