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Originally Posted by Ronnie Raygun
It's frustrating listening to someone who has such a limited understanding of art and creativity..

Musicians with the obvious talent like The Mars Volta would be hard pressed to produce a shitty jam session....a jam session is music in it's purest form and unless you just suck as a musician it's going to be cool no matter's like saying Miles Davis could have a shitty jam session, it's just not going to happen.....and if it ever did, it would never be put out in the first place...

I just don't think you understand what they are doing...
i dont want to laugh at every post you make but i can't help it. you sound like a slighted tool fan.

though, i did see what they were trying to do. vismund cygnus made that clear, and i was fully ready to accept it and be floored and all other things i wanted out of the rest of this record. but it was not to be, apparently. they had a breakdown and created something i find to be ultimately unfocused, undisciplined, and unexciting, and both of us will have to deal with that without making lame comparisons of this band to miles fucking davis.

you want a good jam? listen to 'agartha'
then listen to 'cassandra'
i dont think you realize what you're saying.

mars volta are proficient musicians, it's just that they cant create 'cassandra gemini' to any succesful extent because ability doesnt carry you all the way to talent.
Thanks, Moon!
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