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Originally Posted by nick
You're just nitpicking
I really ain't, in fact I was being rather kind. Playing through it a second time I find myself less apologetic for it. There's something about the game that was irritating the hell out of me the first time through but I couldn't figure out what it was but I think I got it now. This game stinks of American marketing.

Why are there so many visual cues to the movie? Admittedly the visuals where the only good aspects of the film but I'm not talking about lifting a few special effects.

Why is Silent Hill designed to look exactly like the version from the film?

Why is Pyramid Head in this game? You know I actually defended his appearance when he first popped up in the previews but I had assumed they were going to do something with him not tote him out for a fucking cameo.

I don't know if I'm being paranoid but it seems like this game was targeted at a specific demographic, and I don't seem to be in it. Money's gotta be made though, nothing wrong with that but this still bugs the shit out of me.

Let me complain about one more thing dudes, the story. When you get the plot in it's entirety it's actually pretty damn juicy but it unfolds like generic horror film. Later twists that should at least be poignant come of as ridiculous and cliched. Then one of the most interesting concepts in the game is shown first through pantomime and then Alex mentions it as an after thought while examining something.

It sucks that after so long without a full on SH title they fucked up but to anyone worried this is the end of the series I wouldn't be to concerned. You know Resident Evil 4 killed the RE series, it was just to damn good to go back. This game isn't, later installments will probably ignore it entirely. I know I will.

I really need to find more synonyms for the word "video game."
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