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Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
Doesnt mithridatism cause you to build up an immunity?
lol, so are you admitting that sodium fluoride is poisonous carcinogen? Also, you can't build up an immunity to it. Mithridatism only works with organic poisons similar to snake and spider. The real issue here is why would anyone want to ingest a well known poisonous carcinogen toxic waste anyway? There is no point. Its detrimental to all faculties of the human body.

"The material safety data sheets from Solvay fluorides show that a teaspoon amount of five grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to an average size man of 70kg. ... chronic toxicity by oral route may cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver, ambiguous carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, fetotoxic and fertility effects."
This is what Fluoride chronic toxicity does. I don't see any words resembling building of immunity there.
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