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Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
I was mostly talking hypothetically but we have also agreed that it is poisonous many times in the past. Just not poisonous enough to actually do us harm in the small amounts we take in. As to why anyone would want to take it is because it helps keep you from having to go to the dentist for cavities. I know how everyone loves to get drilled and filled but thats $80 extra in your pocket.
In my above quote it says

"The material safety data sheets from Solvay fluorides show that a teaspoon amount of five grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to an average size man of 70kg"

It is also well known to cause dental fluorosis AND bone cancer. So, as we see, it doesn't even help teeth its actually hurts your entire bone structure because it strips the calcium from them. Prolonged exposure does this

"chronic toxicity by oral route may cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver, ambiguous carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, fetotoxic and fertility effects."

So we have proven that its poisonous, rots teeth, and causes these horrible effects. Now, what is the point of putting Sodium Fluoride in anything? Really? Because it protects us from the Terrorists?
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