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Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
The board rules are corrupt and selectively enforced against certain people who do not share the herd mentality. This is an accepted reality.
It is a rule system that thwarts your only method of argumentation, so you ignore it, just as you ignore evidence that debunks your arguments and sources.


Sodium fluoride as state above, below, sideways, and front ways is a well know, well documented, and well understood poison which has NO and I mean NO medicinal value. It never had a medicinal value, it never will have a medicinal value, it was created as an insecticide and is still used as an insecticide. Its a synthetic by product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry and its health effects include bone cancer, neurological decay, organ failure, and infertility.
Potassium is used in electrolysis and lethal injection, yet doctors recommend you consume a certain amount of it for the sake of nutrition, even though it can lead to renal failure in large amounts.

Why is that? Are doctors and scientists really out to poison as many people as they can? If so, why? Money, in the form of kickbacks from Big Potassium? If so, how could so many different people, so many different organizations, be directed towards such a diabolical goal? Surely they can't all be sharing in the profits. That would mean that each of the conspirators would be getting mere pennies for betraying the whole of society.

The same goes for your grand Sodium Fluoride theory. The reasoning behind it doesn't hold up. Your sources don't hold up. And when this is shown to you, you ignore it and post another junk science link with a variation on "no guys, it's good for you!"
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