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Cherry: the smuuty little bee sex? I have never been little. I was 5'11" at birth. :P

Carniwhore: Don't you remember that night we shared in Rio? (honestly, I don't, but you always loved retelling that story...and it all seemed so plausible)

Choj: Hey buddy, what's going on?

Burdock: Hey! Congrats on the start of your family! We're still trying to figure out when will be the right time to bring forth our ubersuperior offspring. Maybe just before the great global depression so that they will have a half way decent challenge set before them as they rebuild the world in their own image? Drop me a line on AIM sometime. I'd love to catch up.

sspadowsky: Hello to you, good sir. How are things?

glowbelly: yourself. Nice lookin' kid you have there!

Dole: I invented pants; beat that!
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