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Name- Nate
Age- 20
job- None at the moment
where you at?- Canada
why did you start posting- Yes
how long have you been on the board-Lurking for months, posting for days.
hobbies-Candlelight dinners, the smooth stylings of Kenny G and romantic walks on the beach.
fav. music/bands-Alkaline Trio, Reggie And The Full Effect, and The Ataris.
fav. book-I don't know.
fav. movies- Half Baked, The Big Lebowski, Jason X ( Uber Jason), Dead Alive, and Strange Brew among others.
Who do you hate the most on this board- Error, sorry I mean "3rr0r" EDIT: I almost forgot about Dane Brammage. He sucks ass too.
what is that smell- He who smelt it dealt it :smartypants
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