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george is probably pretty okgeorge is probably pretty okgeorge is probably pretty ok
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Name- george

Age- 31

job- Wide Area Network Service Delivery and Implementation Project Manager.

where you at?- maryland

why did you start posting- i had read everything else on the website and finally clicked the link for the forums.

how long have you been on the board- since 9/04/01

hobbies- this is it.

fav. music/band- jim croce, tool

fav. book- the old man and the sea by hemingway

fav. movie- reservoir dogs

Who do you hate the most on this board- no one. i honestly like everyone, i just like teasing people even more.

what is that smell-it is the pure scent of my hypocrisy.
tax collectors, fishermen and whores, baby.
i am super humble, and better than bacon
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