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Name- Max
Age- 40. That's right, you punk ass kids. I got nothing to lose. YOU HEAR ME?!
job- Museum exhibits flunky
where you at?- Salem, MA. The town so nice they put a lot of innocent folks to death and then creqated a tourist industry based on it.
why did you start posting- I'm a staff writer for Mockery.
how long have you been on the board- More than a year, but it seems ever so much longer.
hobbies- enui, skulking, withdrawl, see-sawing between disbelief and self loathing that am I answering this questionaire seriously thereby proving my commitment to art does not equal Jixby's.
fav. Music- The Residents, Brian Eno, Robyn Hitchcock, They Might be Giants, Michael Nyman
fav. book- John Crowley, Ian Banks, Phillip Dick,
fav. movie- The Loved One, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Naked Lunch, Blue Velvet, Sunset Boulevard
Who do you hate the most on this board- Hate is such a strong word. I hate you all.
what is that smell- That question stinking up an otherwise innoucuos survey
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