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Name- Karen
Age- 27
job- Office slut
where you at?- northcoast
why did you start posting- Mockery made me do it
how long have you been on the board- September 15, 2000
hobbies- i like takin' pictures and reading comic books and other books and i like postcards too. boys cry around me a lot.
fav. music/band- beck, bjork, ella fitzgerald, pixies, radiohead, the germs, x, angry samoans, la la la loooooooooooodles (that's the music in my head).
fav. book- Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (i need my copy back from Protoclown because there is NO WAY IN FRIGGIN HELL HE IS EVER GOING TO READ THAT MONSTER)
fav. movie- Amelie and Raising Arizona
Who do you hate the most on this board- JERKSBY (just kiddin ), ummmm, i HATE, errrrrr, i'm not telling.
what is that smell- organza by givenchy. you like?
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