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It was a hard read, and has taken me a while to process it.

This place will always mean something to me, even as I approach my 30's I still find myself showing new friends old articles or pages that I've always been able to return to for a laugh. Chief among the reasons for this has always been Rog and Re. Their manic enthusiasm for all things weird has had an immeasurable impact on my life and it's no question i-mock is going to remain an important time in my life. Her loss is staggering and I direly hope she's found peace.

If you ever read this Rog, I just want to say: I know I can't even come close to truly feeling what you're feeling now, but I've been close enough to it several times in my life that I know no amount of platitudes can really make a difference. Loss like this puts people in a dark place. People often think of it as some kind of dark tunnel with a light at the end of it. But the truth is, it's more like a maze, seemingly every direction teases you with the light being just out of reach only to hit dead end after dead end, but there is always a way out. There's no real trick to it, there's no secret strategy, no map, no clue hidden in a riddle or song, just perseverance. Eventually you'll find your way out, and though the light you step into might not seem as bright as it did before, it might be enough. From the bottom of my heart I hope you persevere Rog. If anyone deserves to have some light back in their life it's you.
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